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Crammed full of fiddle aides for the fidget and thinkers!

Designed specifically for the Board/Training Room but is also very sought after by teenagers!

By popular demand from Trainers and Company Directors, the Executive Fiddle & Think has rapidly become a ‘must have’ for anyone individual or group who is looking to get the best from:-
Goal Setting, Decision Making, Problem Solving, Planning, Stress Management, Brainstorming, Creative Thinking, Stress Management ......... the list goes on!

Also great for swotting teenagers/students. Varied contents for maximum appeal
- Suitable from ages 5+.


Contents include: 1 x Fidget Toy/Spinner; 1 x Stretchy Bank Note; 1 x Bouncy Putty; 1 x Team of 4 Stretchy People; 1 x 3 Jax Peices; 1 x Globe Stress Ball; 1 x Bendy Person; 1 x set of Metal Rattle Magnets; 1 x Gooie-Noise-Putty; 1 x Mini-Spring; 1 x Blank Dice; 1 x Extendable Back Scratcher; 1 x High-Bounce Ball; 1 x Mood Putty; 1 x Spinning Top; 1 x Plastic Storage Jar;  and some bubble-wrap for popping (lovely!)

(Please note colours and content may vary and any substitutions will be of equal or greater monetary value)


Have lots of fun discovering the many sensory ways each of the contents stimulate your right-left-hand brain! 

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