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Product no.: 2836

Q:  How Do You Complete a Mammoth Puzzle?

A:  One Piece at a Time!

The Nina Kids Role-Model Characters teamed up with essential services, including; the Police, Fire Brigade and Ambulance Services, to raise Childrens awareness of a selection of life skills in this 56 Page fun puzzle book.

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Product no.: 4834

This cushion is a gentle reminder not to give up even if the going is tough. Affirmations help to motivate us so what could be better than "You have only failed when you stop trying!" to remind us to stay focused and head back to the drawing board!

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Product no.: 4840

Good Habbit (who is neither a hare nor a rabbit) is a HABIT; and a good one of course. Everybody loves to have good habits and everybody loves to watch good habits in action. This lovely soft and silk like cushion will remind you that it feels just great to have and develop new good habits AND it feels just great to be loved

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Product no.: 2958

Giant Cash Can - Measures 17.5cm high 10cm wide.

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Product no.: 4926

1 x Pack of 30 Emoticon Finger Puppets.  Use for whole class group activity; as rewards; in party bags or even in the 'Sales Training Room'... the list is by no mean exhaustive! 

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Product no.: 4864

Pack of 6 Emoticon Cushions super-soft for cuddling, calm-stroking or holding hands.

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Product no.: 3052

10 X A4 Sheets 5 X different designs.

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