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Fidget, Fiddle & Think Toys

Stimulate Creative Thinking!


How Do Fidget Toys Work?

There are a lot of conflicting studies and opinions in the scientific community as to whether ‘fidget toys’ help children (and adults) to focus.  We could spend a lot of time including study details and long explanations for both sides of this argument but instead we will just tell you that we provide thousands and thousands of fidget toys for use in the Home, Classroom, Therapy Room, Conference/Board/Sales Room, and anywhere anyone - young or old - wants to increase levels of focus.



Please click here for our free ideas-sheet  Ideas_for_Using_-_Fiddle_and_Think.pdf  compiled from what our customers tell us (time and time again) of how ‘fidget toys’ work for them, and because we are all different, we say the only way to absolutely know what will work for you is to try them for yourself! 

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Product no.: 2975

Crammed full of fiddle aides for the fidgeters and creative-thinkers!

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Product no.: 4571

Designed specifically for the Board/Training/Staff Room but is also very sought after by teenagers!

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