Choose to Cope

Choose to Cope

'Choose to Cope'

Anxiety Management Programme for Children




Promoting Positive Mental Health and well-being  -  Small Group Learning / Nurture / Intervention

Looking for a fun, interactive and innovative way to tackle Anxiety & Worry issues for your pupils in KS1 and KS2 ? 

Let them join the 'Inner Space' rocket from the 'Choose to Cope' programme and they can collectively visit the 8 planets to DISCOVER coping skills that they can apply to their own life.

They will all learn how to feel valued and value themselves on Planet 'Good Enough'.


Learn how to manage worries on Planet 'Storage' and talking about our anxiety issues on Planet 'Ears'.


The sessions can be attended by any child and are designed to be an early intervention and /or preventative - giving them the life coping skills so they are more prepared for life's challenges. Creating a whole school approach to mental health and a culture to promote well-being.

An ideal candidate for this ONE day training (9am to 3.45pm) is an experienced T.A. , Learning Mentor, ELSA, LSA, PSA, SEN Support Assistant, Family Support Worker, Pastoral Worker or the SenCo.

The training costs £345.00 + Vat per person and this 
includes   the full programme resource kit (everything you need to run the programme in the school). The resource kit alone would cost £165 + Vat if the items were all purchased individually. The school is licensed to copy material for continued use in their own setting.

Additional places for any person who already has access to a resource pack is £245.00 + Vat

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