Feedback - Training Courses


We have so many 'positive comments' on our evaluation forms that it is unfeasible to mention them all, so here are just some of these comments that facilitators have been kind enough to say about our training days:


Comments from our 'Happy to be ME' Programme:- 

"Great tips on puppet use.  Excellent warm-up and closure activities with fantastic resources.  Great pace, fun activities, Brilliant!"

"The course is well structured and allows time for discussion and questions.  Thoroughly enjoyed the day."

"The course was fab, really enjoyed the day.  Lots of information and all of my questions were answered."

"The course was delivered in detail and all questions answered.  One of the best training programmes I’ve been to."

"The whole package is empowering to professionals - you can take it away and actually use it and not just put it on a shelf."

"Excellent. The trainer was really motivating and encouraging and helped to promote a fantastic environment. It is great to have a course that is so practical, I feel confident in my ability to facilitate."


Comments from our 'Happy to be US' Programme:-

"I really enjoyed the day. It’s great to have a programme all ready to go with resources. The day felt relaxed and comfortable. I can’t wait to start a group with all the ideas and recourses."

"I think the course was pitched very well; the content, delivery and structure were very good. The course was made very enjoyable, a relaxed environment to learn in, everything our group sessions should be." 

"Very pleasant day, structured very well and good delivery of the whole workbook."

"I really liked the activities; the trainer was really friendly; it was good to use the resources whilst there to see how they work."

"The trainer really put the group at ease; I was able to ask questions when needed. The course was just the right length and it was nice to go away with a full box of goodies." 

"The course was most fun and practical and full of excellent advice and resources, we were made to feel welcome and comfortable throughout."


Comments from our 'Wise Behaviours' Programme:-

"A very informative, enjoyable and eye opening course that will add another dimension to the emotional wellbeing that we can offer to our children.  The day flew past.  Highly recommended."

"I thoroughly enjoyed this course; it was made fun and interesting.  I now have so many ideas and I know it will have a massive positive effect on the children I work with.  I recommend this course to other schools."

"I really enjoyed this training.  It was good that it was practical and actually went through the programme step by step.  I will use everything that I have learned from the day."

"The course and delivery were excellent.  Everything was explained easily and because of the detailed notes I was given, I feel less pressured to remember absolutely everything!" 

"Excellent course!  Most enjoyable and ample opportunity to ask questions.  Delivery superb and most importantly the trainer made me feel very ‘at ease’ from the start."

"The resources are colourful, active and enjoyable for use by children and facilitator.  Gained a thorough understanding of the outcomes to be achieved for the benefit of the children.  The course was professionally delivered with a light humorous approach.   Adult friendly!"