Wise Behaviours

Wise_Behaviours_School_Leaflet_A5  Behaviours & Emotional Intelligence

Small Group Intervention / Nurture Group Training

for children aged 6 to 11





Poor behaviour issues with a minority of children during the school day can drastically reduce effective teaching time. OFSTED often observe children in unstructured parts of the school day to examine the effectiveness of the school behaviour strategy.  


Being in a state of frustration can be a real learning barrier for some children, and can inhibit their ability to take a full and active part of school life.  Many children see examples of poor behaviours in real life, on television and on computer games. They often look to emulate the ones that they see - thinking that they are coping mechanisms for life's challenges.  Helping children to want to change their behaviour can be best achieved by replacing the old 'habits' of behaviour with new 'positive coping mechanisms' that they can use wherever they are; school, home, play time etc. (Any negative behaviours can also have an obstructive cycle for the children, throughout both school and home life, creating an inability to cope with life's challenges.)  


'Wise Behaviours' is an 8 session programme which is aimed at school children (ages 6 - 11 years) who may be experiencing difficulty with emotional intelligence skills and will probably:- fell frustrated most of the time; bulk against authority; avoid trying new things; generally feel unable to deal with failure; get upset when mistake are made; blame others and avoid responsibility.  However, it is also a valuable programme for children who already have good emotional intelligence skills to learn essential 'personal power' tools that they will be able to draw upon for their lifetime.



By working with our character 'Whys', the children will get to take 'reminders' home with them. 



There is virtually no reading so it is accessible to most children, whatever their ability, and it is NOT technology driven.  It is an 8 session intervention programme for any child from Year 1 to Year 6, with the delivery being tailored by your own school staff. Each group has ideally 6 to 8 children and each session last about 50 minutes. 


The target pupil audience are those with low emotional intelligence and who can normally be represented by one, two or more of the following characteristics:

  • Will probably feel frustrated most of the time

  • Will tend to balk against authority

  • Will tend to avoid trying new things

  • Are generally unable to deal well with failure

  • Tend to insist on perfection and get upset when mistakes are made

  • Feel their efforts are never quite as good as others

  • May exhibit attachment characteristics

  • Will tend to blame others and avoid responsibility for their own actions


Each of the eight 'Wise Behaviour' Programme sessions has a full detailed lesson plan, and works towards a specific aim and a set of objectives.  The sessions are designed to build progressively on the preceding ones to create long term, meaningful and measurable change. Many of the exercises can, however, also be used as one off events.


The programme can be delivered by anyone in school and is ideal for an experienced T.A. , Learning Mentor, ELSA, LSA, PSA, SEN Support Assistant, Family Support Worker, Pastoral Worker or the SenCo. 


In order to deliver the programme you/your organisation have a choice from the following package options:-  

1)  'Wise Behaviours' Facilitator Full Resources Box and Training Modules = Includes everything you need to begin the programme.  Just need to add some craft materials and a large slice of enthusiasm!

2)  In-School Training = Ideal for schools where multiple Facilitators will be trained to deliver the 'Wise Behaviours' Programme.

3)  Cluster Event = Please contact us for details.


Once trained, the Facilitator can deliver the programme as many times as the school requires with as many groups of children as necessary, and there is no need for anyone to keep looking for the right resources to use because we supply them all!    


As soon as you have ordered your package option you can begin to feel proud of yourself, knowing that as a 'Wise Behaviours' Facilitator you and 'Whys' have the privledge of working together to build childrens' emotional intelligence.


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'Wise Behaviours' Facilitator Full Resources Box and Training Modules - Emotional Intelligence

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Full 'Wise Behaviours' Emotional Intelligence Programme Facilitator Resource Box, including 12 module tutorials to implement the programme in your school.  

(Please note this is an 'off-the-shelf' package and DOES NOT include a Facilitator Training Course place.)

This is the quickest option for getting the programme up and running in the school as the package is available for immediate despatch. 

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