Bespoke Training Programmes

Bespoke Training Programmes
Bespoke Programmes written especially for your School/Organisation.

We can provide a bespoke event to specifically meet the requirements of your school.  We will need to establish the type of event you are looking for, and which personal development skills you are looking to cover, e.g.  behaviour; positive mental health issues; making friends etc.
Depending upon your requirements, we normally look for our facilitator training to be a one day event which can consist of workshops and/or presentations (contingent on number of delegates).

Because each 'bespoke programme' is different, it is an impossibility to give a price but please feel free to enquire about pricing and availability - completely without obligation.
In the first instance we will ask you to let us know some basics of your requirments. This is so we can establish the type of event you are after and to calculate an estimated (ballpark) cost.

1. What are you looking to achieve from your event?  What is your ideal outcome?
2. How many delegates are you looking to train?
3. Are all of the delegates from your own school or are you looking to set up a cluster event?
4. Where are you looking to host the event - at your school or at an external location that we source?
5. How many packs of resources are required for your trained facilitators to take away/share at the end of the event?
6. Do you have a budget in mind for the event?
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