2018 Survey Results for 'Choose to Cope' Programme

2018 Survey Results for 'Choose to Cope' Programme



See below for just some of the feedback comments we received from our 2018 survey:-



I have completed one programme and am half way through the second one.  The majority of children have become much more resilient and appear to be better equipped to try dealing with their anxieties before seeking help.  The programme works well, although some children have been more receptive than others.  There is a high need for it in my school as anxiety and other mental health difficulties appear to be on the rise.  I find the programme is particularly good for targeting children who are showing early signs of anxiety and they have said that the strategies they have been given have been helpful.  It has been useful in teaching children different strategies for how to deal with their anxieties.

Ref: C2C 2018/68

I have run the programme 2 times so far.  The children were able to talk about their worries in a safe, structured environment.  One boy found the strategy of imagining and drawing his own happy place such a useful tool that he now has one at his table in school which we have laminated so that whenever he feels anxious he can use it to calm himself.  He also has one at home.  It helps to deal with the children who have anxieties in a group rather that one to one sessions.  Some children are more comfortable with this and it helps them to realise that other children can share the same worries and stresses.

Ref: C2C2018/22

I have run the programme once.  The group was made up with boys and girls and I noticed that the girls took on the strategies to help them through every day challenges.  Only one of the boys has used some of the coping skills.  My daughter was one of the children on the programme with the other nurture TA in our school and when she is having a day of worry she gets out her passport and chooses one of the planets to help her cope with her worries.  She is also scared of the dentist and has used her happy place picture to calm her down.  So I have seen it work from a TA point of view and from a parents point of view.  It works really well in our school, there a quite a few children that need the programme.

Ref: C2C 2018/59

I have run the programme twice so far.  The children grew more confident to express how they felt, especially to each other.  My first group said they could feel their worries floating away in the bubbles they were blowing.   It is a very useful tool to have at my disposal.  I am planning to use some of the planets to help a particular child who finds it hard to talk about her worries.

Ref: C2C 2018/50