2018 Survey Results for 'Wise Behaviours' Programme

2018 Survey Results for 'Wise Behaviours' Programme





See below for just some of the feedback comments we received from our 2018 survey:-



I am just now running my 4th course in school.  The children seem more confident.  One child used the strategies in the classroom and was witnessed teaching another child who did not attend the course to ‘Banish the dragons of disappointment’.  The programme meets the needs of our younger children age group 6 to 8 years.  I feel that it would have to be adapted for older children. 

Ref: WB 2018/122

I have run the programme approx 12 times and using the pre and post questionnaires the results have always displayed an improvement in behaviour. I feel the children benefited from the activities as they were fun but had a true meaning that they could process on their level.  The children became aware that others around them had feelings and how what they do as individuals has an impact on others.  The programme has given confidence to some children just by meeting each week and someone to talk to about the changes happening in their lives and how best to deal with them.

I also love to see the way the children in year 6 have a right to be children and let their feeling show.  I have had some really angry, misunderstood children use the programme and literally see them unwind and relax into our discussions.  I don’t have rose tinted glasses, but I do have a passion for my role as learning mentor and try everything possible to give our children and young people the correct tools to grow in their independence and are prepared for lifes challenges.  Yes I do use the programme and yes I plan to keep using it.

Ref: WB 2018/8

I have run the programme once.  The children became more aware of their actions and the feelings of others.  After playing the relaxation music one child was almost asleep – I later discovered he had problems settling off to sleep and gave his mum a copy of the

CD which transformed their bedtime routine.  Mum was so thankful as this impacted on his behaviour in a VERY positive way.  The smile cards were a big hit and gave the children a boost when they saw the pleasure they gave people when they received them.  It is invaluable in my school.

Ref: WB 2018/83

I have run the programme twice in school.  The children enjoy being taken out of class to do something special.  The children have learnt that they have choices, they enjoyed the spinner game.  It is a different approach to helping children improve their behaviour.

Ref: WB 2018/90

I have run the programme in school 4 times.  The children who have attended are more confident.  It makes children smile and they learnt to celebrate their differences.  It has been difficult to fit in with the curriculum so I run it as an after school group.

Ref: WB 2018/172