'Happy to be Us'



     Social skills, friendships, working in groups and fitting in / taking part skills.

     Small group intervention / nurture group for primary school children aged 5 to 11




Some children need a little extra help to master the use of skills that will enable them to engage with the people around them - in lessons, at lunchtime, in the playground, at home and at the shops etc. The school SEAL & PSHE initiatives cover all of the essential social skills that they need in life but some children just don't seem to 'get it'  
The 'Happy to be Us' programme is a new way of showing the chiidlren the value of using their social skills - helping them to discover the 'WIIFM' factor ( What's IIFor Mfor themselves.

It also goes a lot further too...........it helps them to think about and begin to master:
  • Friendship skills - how to create long term and meaningful friendships for mutual benefit.
  • Working in groups - exploring how groups work and each persons role in the group.
  • Fitting in - finding our value, use of role modals and sharing.
  • Taking Part - releasing our strengths and apptitudes.

The programme is small group nurture / intervention style event that takes place over a series of 6 sessions, ideally weekly. It can be run by an experienced T.A. , Learning Mentor, SEN Support Assistant, SENDCo, ELSA, Family Support Worker, Pastoral Worker or any member of the teaching staff.
The packages available ALL include a full resource box that contains everything that they facilitator will need to implement the programme. The school also has a full photocopy licence to reproduce any of the resources that they want.
The resources and techniques from the programme can also be used outside of the programme too (in circle time; classes; 1:1 sessions; golden time).
If you would like more details and  / or want to discuss your individual needs then you can call Mike on 01768 780707 and he will be pleased to help.


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'Happy to be Us' Inset Day Training for Social Skills Nurture Group Programme

Product no.: 4845

The Inset Day Training Package includes two 'Happy to be Me' Programme Facilitator Resource Boxes, and a one day Facilitator Training Course for up to 12 members of your staff.

£1,519.05 *

'Happy to be Us' Facilitator Full Resources Box and Training Modules - Social Skills Programme

Product no.: 4844

Full 'Happy to be Us' Social Skills Programme Facilitator Resource Box, including 12 module tutorials to implement the programme in your school.  

(Please note this is an 'off-the-shelf' package and DOES NOT include a Facilitator Training Course place.)

This is the quickest option for getting the programme up and running in the school as the package is available for immediate despatch. 

£246.00 *
Prices incl. VAT, plus delivery