'Happy to be Us'

'Happy to be Us'



     Social skills, friendships, working in groups and fitting in / taking part skills.

     Small group intervention / nurture group for primary school children aged 5 to 11




Some children need a little extra help to master the use of skills that will enable them to engage with the people around them - in lessons, at lunchtime, in the playground, at home and at the shops etc. The school SEAL & PSHE initiatives cover all of the essential social skills that they need in life but some children just don't seem to 'get it'  
The 'Happy to be Us' programme is a new way of showing the chiidlren the value of using their social skills - helping them to discover the 'WIIFM' factor ( What's IIFor Mfor themselves.

It also goes a lot further too...........it helps them to think about and begin to master:
  • Friendship skills - how to create long term and meaningful friendships for mutual benefit.
  • Working in groups - exploring how groups work and each persons role in the group.
  • Fitting in - finding our value, use of role modals and sharing.
  • Taking Part - releasing our strengths and apptitudes.

The programme is small group nurture / intervention style event that takes place over a series of 6 sessions, ideally weekly. It can be run by an experienced T.A. , Learning Mentor, SEN Support Assistant, SENDCo, ELSA, Family Support Worker, Pastoral Worker or any member of the teaching staff.
The packages available ALL include a full resource box that contains everything that they facilitator will need to implement the programme. The school also has a full photocopy licence to reproduce any of the resources that they want.

The training is a one day event from 10.00am to 3.30pm. It is a fully interactive, hands on learning experience where the exercises from the programme, the games and resources are demonstrated in a relaxed, fun, interactive and supporting forum.

The training costs £295.00 + Vat per person and this includes the full programme resource pack. 
Additional places for any person who already has access to a resource pack is £215.00 + Vat.

The resources and techniques from the programme can also be used outside of the programme too (in circle time; classes; 1:1 sessions; golden time) and the training will fully explain this too.

We have planned events at various venues and dates throughout the UK - a full list can be seem by following this link: Dates & Venues

If you can't find a date and/or venue to suit you then please get in touch and we will be able to put together a specific package for you that will meet your requirements....... sometimes even making the package available to you for free.

To reserve a place please email Mike on courses@happysecrets.co.uk with the details of your preferred event and the name(s) of your delegates or your can book online using the links below.

If you would like more details and  / or want to discuss your individual needs then you can call Mike on 01768 780707 and he will be pleased to help.


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'Happy to be Us' - The Complete Package for Social Skills Nurture Group Programme

Product no.: 4736

Training place for the social skills nurture group training 'Happy to be Us' - Full resource pack included.

£354.00 *
In stock

'Happy to be Us' - Facilitator Training ONLY - Social Skills Nurture Group Programme - No Resources

Product no.: 4737

Training place for the social skills nurture group training 'Happy to be Us' - No resource pack included.

£234.00 *
In stock

'Happy to be Us' Facilitator Full Resources Box and Training Modules - Social Skills Programme

Product no.: 4844

Full 'Happy to be Us' Social Skills Programme Facilitator Resource Box, including 12 module tutorials to implement the programme in your school.  

(Please note this is an 'off-the-shelf' package and DOES NOT include a Facilitator Training Course place.)

This is the quickest option for getting the programme up and running in the school as the package is available for immediate despatch. 

£246.00 *
In stock

'Happy to be Us' In-School Training for Social Skills Nurture Group Programme

Product no.: 4845

The Complete 'In-School' Training Package includes two 'Happy to be Me' Programme Facilitator Resource Boxes, and a one day Facilitator Training Course for up to 12 members of your staff.

£1,519.05 *
In stock
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