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Product no.: 3052

10 X A4 Sheets 5 X different designs.

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Product no.: 4617

Mega Pack of 8 Variety Packs of Party Games and Treasure Hunts, including:-  Childrens Treasure Hunt; Singing & Dancing Games; Animal Games; Hop/Skip/Jump Games; Football Treasure Hunt; Football Games; Paint Box Games; Blue Banana.

Excellent for parties at home or for use in the classroom - teachers will be able to easily adapted all packs for a variety of occasions, including end of session fillers!     Each pack come in a smart A5 envelope design and is ready to play, with only a few minutes to set up.


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Product no.: 4926

1 x Pack of 30 Emoticon Finger Puppets.  Use for whole class group activity; as rewards; in party bags or even in the 'Sales Training Room'... the list is by no mean exhaustive! 

£12.99 *
Product no.: 5010

Turn 'Christmas distractions' into 'focused learning' with these bendable seasonal 'fidget' toys.  One for everyone in the class! 

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Product no.: 4746

1 X 'Happy to Be Me' Award Medal

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Product no.: 2708

6 x Self-inking Teachers Reward Stamps

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Product no.: 4734

8 x 'Happy to be Me' Award Medals

£12.86 *

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