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Stimulate Creative Thinking!

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Product no.: 2975

Crammed full of fiddle aides for the figdets and thinkers!

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Product no.: 4571

Designed specifically for the Board/Training Room but is also very sought after by teenagers!

£14.99 *

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Product no.: 4664

A palm sized smooth tangle finished in a combination of crystal blue and red colours.

£6.99 *

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Product no.: 2571

A Tangle Jr finished in a felt like covering in the colour combination shown.

£4.49 *

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Product no.: 4945
  • Christmas edition - full of aides for the fidgets, thinkers, tappers and movers
  • Brain stimulation at home, school, office, meetings, even waiting for Santa
  • Great for goal setting, new year resolutions, problem solving, creative thinking, stress or anxiety management
  • Wide variety of textures to squeeze, pull, stretch, bend, knead - something for every mood
  • CE Marked and suitable for anyone over the age of 5 
£19.95 *

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Product no.: 2573

A textured tangle finished in a mixed surface of smooth and textured pieces and in a variety of neon and clear colour combinations.

£4.75 *

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Product no.: 2569

Its large size, bright colours and cool textures makes this Tangle ideal for kids and adults of all ages.

£18.49 *

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Product no.: 5001

Combo Offer: Fidget, Fiddle and Think Jar + Giant Textued Tangle

Old price £33.48
£30.97 *

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Product no.: 2969

This Hairy Tangle is an enhanced sensory experience due to its multi stranded latex covering.

£8.99 *

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Product no.: 2974

This Twistable therapy device is a new ergonmic approach to stress relief, as well as a manipulative for hand therapy.

£12.99 *

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1 - 10 of 14 results