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Sensory Zone

Sensory Zone

"Engage my senses and I'll understand."

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Product no.: 2571

A Tangle Jr finished in a felt like covering in the colour combination shown.

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Product no.: 4830

Its terrific fun! The Sensor Stick lets you experience first-hand the science of electricity and circuits. Just place one hand on the top, and the other hand at the bottom of the Sensor Stick to complete the circuit and you're rewarded with long-lasting LED flashing lights and buzzer sounds! - Make the circuit bigger by adding your friends and family to form a giant human circuit.  

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Product no.: 5002

Fruit Cushions (Set of 3) Strawberry/Melon/Banana

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Product no.: 4864

Pack of 6 Emoticon Cushions in yellow with different faces

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Product no.: 2569

Its large size, bright colours and cool textures makes this Tangle ideal for kids and adults of all ages.

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Product no.: 2974

This Twistable therapy device is a new ergonmic approach to stress relief, as well as a manipulative for hand therapy.

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