Our Happy Family (Same Sex Parents)

Our Happy Family (Same Sex Parents)

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Who is in 'Our Happy Family?'

This pack is a fun activity for the whole family/team or an individual to explore human interaction and feelings. Events can affect people in a variety of ways and ‘Our Happy Family’ helps us to gain an understanding that it is OK to feel differently. By exploring these differences we help each other to form an understanding of not only the individuals we care about but develop the important social skills of ‘empathy’ towards ourselves and others. Work, school, extracurricular activities, urgent errands, all of these daily activities can make our lives so busy that they can create friction within family/social bonding and this can turn any minor disagreement into a crucial state of total communication breakdown!

By using ‘Our Happy Family’ everyone can have a chance to ‘explore’ his/her feelings and emotions with the feelings and emotions of others. Each Pack includes:- 1 x Instruction Card; 1 x Cleaning Cloth; 1 x Dry Wipe Pen; 3 x Yellow Small Bendy People (7cm); 2 x Pink Large Bendy People (12cm).

Please note that colours and sizes my vary. This Product is CE marked Not suitable for children under 5 years old, due to small parts.