Feel Good Affirmation Cards

Feel Good Affirmation Cards

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Say them in the morning. Say them at bedtime. Stick them on the fridge or wherever you like and watch childrens’ confidence and self-esteem grow. Repeating these affirmations will instil positive beliefs and remind children of how special they are. This will help children to Feel Good about themselves making them happier and better able to cope with any problems they might face. The cards can be used in many different ways; such as choosing one at bed time to enable sleeping on a positive thought, first thing in the morning to start the day positively. Contains 28 affirmation cards; 8 activity cards and instructions. Suitable for Ages 4 to 104. The feel good friends are fabulously happy. Everything in their world is fluffy, sparkly, colourful and fun. What they like best is spreading their happies and helping children all over the place to Feel Good!

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