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Clever Cog - This lovely soft and silk like cushion will gently remind you to "Be proud of yourself" because sometimes we all forget how important it is to our well-being to enjoy and be proud of our achievements. These lovely soft and silky-feel cushions all have POWERFUL affirmantions on them, that will help you with your motivation just by cuddling them really tight as you think about the message each one brings. Especially good for those who think they are too old for a teddy! You are never too old for a Cuddle-Me-Happy Cushion!! Great as a casual decorative cushion in the home or office/classroom or as a travel cushion for both adults and children. The front is made from 100% Polyester, the reverse is a 50/50 Polycotton mix and the filing is 100% Hollowfibre. Measures approximately: Hight 40cm, Lenth 26cm and Depth 12cm


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