Tangle Museum Chrome

Tangle Museum Chrome

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The Museum Tangle has no beginning and no end - just a continuous motion, it’s a movable, structural form based on the concept of infinity. Made out of 17 interconnected 5" pieces, rotating it can be easily twisted, turned, bent and shaped. Fiddling with this Tangle will reflect your moods and creativity. You can spend hours watching the Tangle change in your hands

Unlike our other Tangles his one in particular is not so much a stress/fiddle toy but more of a desk toy or ornament for your study, living room, class, or library. It has a great visual appeal and works well at attracting visitors into your office, school or home.

It is made from plastic that has a high quality, sleek chrome finish, Expands to over 2 feet. This product is suitable for ages 3+ 

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