Selling Skills - Thumball

Selling Skills - Thumball

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This is the Thumball for ALL sales people. Great for adult sales training and for teens to gain an understanding of business, sales and negotiation. It is ideal for new entrants to the industry and the seasoned professional. It has been designed by an international training and industry sales record breaker to bring you the hottest sales tips ever published. Great for a Sales Meeting and individual use. 'Fast Track' your sales success today with the Selling Skills Thumball. Thumball is more than a simple ball, it's an educational toy; a fun family game; a party conversation booster; a personal motivational tool; an effective training tool; a therapists tool; the list goes on because whenever you need it..... One catch will start a conversation! Throw - Catch - Respond to what's under your thumb! Size: 10.16cm diameter. CE Marked for ages 3+.

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