GUNS (Decision Making) - Thumball

GUNS (Decision Making) - Thumball

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The Guns Thumball forms part of our Personal Development Series Thumball and whilst it has been designed as a powerful 'positive' tool to address and examine the nature of weapons in our society, it will also offer a whole host of thought provoking personal development skills, for example:- Responsibility. Decision Making Process. Social Skills. This Thumball was inspired by a firearms sergeant who was holidaying in Cumbria, Happy Secrets and their team of professionals have developed a positive tool for teachers, parents, facilitators and carers to use to tackle the issue of gun crime in a new and accessible way. The Guns Thumball is also ideal as an ice-breaker and leads into discussion surrounding other and sometimes controversial subjects, such as; drug abuse; sexual health; alcohol use; knife crime; etc It is worth bearing in mind that the Guns Thumball has not been designed to discuss how to use a particular Gun or to ‘dictate’ to players how they must behave or what opinions they should or should not have surrounding Gun use. This Thumball is the new generation of Thumballs and has a two stage process. Firstly, the Thumball itself lists a diverse range of types of guns such as water pistols, glue guns and a vet’s dart gun etc. To deglamourise as much as possible the image of guns in a person’s mind. Secondly, by exploring the possible positive and negative uses of such a selection of guns in different scenarios, it triggers critical thinking and gives access to the power of the decision making process raising questions such as if, how, when and where guns can be used. For Ages 8+ Thumball is more than a simple ball, it's an educational toy; a fun family game; a party conversation booster; a personal motivational tool; an effective training tool; a therapists tool; the list goes on because whenever you need it..... One catch will start a conversation! Throw - Catch - Respond to what's under your thumb! Size: 10.16cm diameter. CE Marked for ages 3+.

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