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A Bucket Full of Self-Esteem has been designed to help us all to habitually think about our own self-esteem (how we feel about ourselves) and how we can raise it when we feel a bit low. It comes with 'props' that accompany a User Guide Booklet full of tips and techniques that you may like to try. High self esteem is not permanent, EVERYONE has days when they feel really good about themselves and EVERYONE has days when they feel very low about themselves. But once you have discovered what works for you, you can consistently maintain a healthy self-esteem and easily recognise when it starts to drop, leaving you to quickly activate your personal SELF-ESTEEM-BOOSTERS! Contents include: 1 x User Booklet 3 x Affirmation Cards 1 x Gratitude Badge 1 x Motivational Magnet 1 x Tangle Jnr 1 x sheet of smiley stickers. Suitable for all ages ( little children may need some grown-up help!)

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