Relaxation for Grown-Ups CD

Relaxation for Grown-Ups CD

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Utilising over 25 years of professional experience, Sue Hughgonson will guide you through this deeply relaxing meditation experience that she has developed predominantly for adults aged 18+.

This unique CD allows you to take control and be in charge of the immense power of your mind-body systems to create new life changing possibilities.

As the techniques used in this CD are supported by new ideas from modern physics subtle energy (quantum physics), it could be used to help heal and transform any physical, mental or emotional issue that you may have.  Listening to this CD will have a wonderful calming effect and can also help you to drift off into a peaceful nights sleep.

Choose a positive intention prior to listening to this CD then sit back, relax, trust and allow your mind-body system to just - DO IT - enjoy the experience!

Sue Hughgonson is a retired College Lecturer, who is currently a practicing therapist with over 25 years experience in Counselling Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistics and Psychology.
Sue’s experience has given her a deep understanding of the problems that modern day living can present to adults especially within the fast pace and high intensity of careers; business and family life.  

She is delighted to co-create this CD with Happy Secrets so that all ‘grown-up children’ may have a deeper understanding of their own personal development journey and the all important skill
of managing their self-esteem and general happiness. 

“You don’t have to do anything....just find a comfortable place for you to sit while
you listen to my voice.  Choose somewhere where you won’t be interupted, but 
even if you are it doesn’t matter - you are in control.  I can’t begin to tell you how
happy and proud I am to share this deep energising experience with you.  

It will change your life.....but only if you want it to!”   Love Sue 

Track 1 - Total relaxation running time 20:36


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