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This is your complete kit for exploring personal development with the Happy Secrets Character Puppets! Includes a manual for 'Happy Puppeteers' detailing fun ways to explore new skills using specially written stories/puppet shows, family/classroom activities and role-plays. Ideal for children; parents; teachers and anyone who wants to engage others through the use of puppets. Contents include: 7 x Happy Secrets Character Puppets:- Cog; Attitchooz; Moood; Good Habbit; Bad Habbit; Whys; How2. 7 X Puppet Sleeping Bags. 1 x 30 Page Resource Book covering; Puppetry Tips n Techniques; D-I-Y Puppet Theatre; 6 x Personal Development Puppet Stories; 12 x Problem Solving Scenario Cards; Puppet care commitment and instructions, plus much much more!

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