Manual for Happy Puppeteers

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The 'Manual for Happy Puppeteers' has been written using the Happy Secrets Character puppets, however it can be easily adapted to suit any other glove/hand or finger puppets.  

By usilising the specially written puppet shows/stories, activities and role-plays (all based around personal development & social skills) the children can discover and learn with any character puppets in a fun, interactive and experiential way.

This 30 page resource manual contains 6 puppet show scripts for the teacher/facilitator to deliver (with or without an assistant puppeteer).



As well as the stories/shows, the easy-to-photocopy resource book hosts 12 role-play scenarios for the children to enact.  These role-play scenarios are a fun and exciting way to explore the various ways of viewing problems. You can use them as audience participation at puppets shows; as a whole lesson plan for the classroom; or as a team building exercise in the training room.

For example:-





"Moood, how does that make you feel?  How do you think Cog is feeling?  How do you think Good Habbit is feeling as you are late for her party?"

"Bad Habbit, what would make things worse!"

"Good Habbit, how could things have been improved?" 


The only limit to how this resource can be used is the limit of your own imagination! 


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