All You Need for the 'Happy to be Us' - Complete Top-Up Pack

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Additional 'Top-Up' Pack for Facilitators to re-run our 6-Week 'Happy to be US' Social Skills Programme for up to 8 Children. These packs have been priced so that a school/organisation could not produce them would cost more in labour and photocopying! PLEASE NOTE: THESE PACKS ARE ONLY AVAILABLE TO EDUCATORS WHO HAVE COMPLETED A HAPPY SECRETS FACILITATOR COURSE. PLEASE STATE NAME OF FACILITATOR AND COURSE TAKEN WHEN ORDERING. Thank you.

Pack Contents include:- 10 x V.I.P Name Cards (includes Facilitator & Co-Facilitator); 10 x Programme Certificates (2 spare in case of error); 1 x Our Group Rules Chart; 1 x A3 Role Model Reward Chart; 1 x Hero pack of 6 cards (to stick on the chart); 1 x 24 Sticker Sheet; 11 x Small White Paper Bags; 50 x Blank Thought Bubble Cards; 12 x Friendship Wristbands; 2 x Blank Crossword Puzzle; 2 x Club Questionairs; 8 x Packs of 6 Hero Cards; 8 x Achievers Club Medals

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