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Through the power of imagination, children can sing along with the Happy Secrets character ‘Mood’ as she explores her feelings and settle down with Sue Hughgonson (Soogie Hoogie) as she guides them through the relaxing adventure into the ‘Kingdom of Me’.

Utilising over 25 years of professional experience, Sue steers the listener through his/her own journey, exploring ‘personal power and responsibility’ and ‘coping strategies’ that can help with the challenges of childhood through to (and including) adult years.

As well as the personal developmnet benefits, listening to this CD will have a wonderful calming affect and can also help children to drift off into a peaceful nights sleep.

If you are able to, listen to the CD together with your children because, although it has been designed for children between the ages of 6 to 11, everyone can enjoy the relaxing benefits of an adventure to the ‘Kingdom of Me’!

This CD is also included within the educational resourses used in the Wise Behaviours (Emotional Intelligence) Programme


1.  What Colour is My Mood? - 2:46

2.  Ooops Arrrghhh Mistakes Song - 3:13

3.  'Kingdom of Me' Relaxation - 8:49

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