Sensor Stick

Sensor Stick

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The Sensor Stick is a clear plastic tube that's loaded with red, green and blue LED's, the sensor stick has metallic tape at either end that allows you to complete a circuit and activate the lights and buzzer sounds this lets you experience first-hand the science of electricity and circuits.

Just place one hand on the top of the bar and the other hand at the bottom to complete the circuit and you're rewarded with long-lasting LED flashing lights and buzzer sounds!

Make the circuit bigger by letting your friends and family join in.  When you have all helds hands to close the circuit, its allowing electricity to flow through one hand, the tube, your other hand and then through your body (and your friends if they are in the circuit too).  Have fun removing one hand to open and close the circuit, and the flow of electricity, which turns on/off the lights and the 'outer-space-wharping-style' sound!

Brilliant for sensory play, the Sensor Stick is great for encouraging hand eye co-ordination.

Suitable for children aged 3 years and above

Size: 19.5cm x 3cm


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