'Wise Behaviours' - The Complete Package for Emotional Intelligence Programme

'Wise Behaviours' - The Complete Package for Emotional Intelligence Programme

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The Complete Package includes one 'Wise Behaviours' Programme training course place and one Facilitator Resource Box, including 12 module tutorials to implement the programme in your school.


This package includes everything from the Facilitator Resource Box with the added benefit of a one day Facilitator Training Course with discussion and demonstration of the programme at an offsite location with other delegates from different schools.

The day (9.15am to 3.30pm) is led by a fully trained group leader who has been delivering the 'Wise Behaviours' Programme.

All elements of the programme are broken down and full explanations are presented to the delegates. It includes tutorials on all of the important aspects of the programme (advanced skills on using puppets for instance), and there is time for group discussion and debate.  The group leader will also be able to explain the methodology behind each of the activities.

The resource kit is handed out during the day and the trained facilitator will leave the event fully empowered to implement the programme in school - literally the next day if needed!

Lunch and refreshments are provided. 


Please provide the following additional details on the order page:

  1. Your preferred location taken from the training schedule list on the Facilitator Training Course Dates webpage. If we do not currently have a location suitable for your school then enter your postal town in the 'venue location' box and we will work with you to find a suitable venue and convenient course date. Ideally we look to have venues that are no more than 40 minutes drive from your school.

  2. The date of your chosen training event - you may leave this blank if no date is currently shown for your area - we will let you know the proposed new date by return email.

  3. Please also provide the name of your delegate and an emergency contact number in case of an unforeseen event on the morning of the course.
  4. Please detail any special delegate requirements (vegetarian; allergies; disabilities; access requirements; etc.)