Self-Esteem and Positive Mental Health 2 x CDs

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2 CD set with a total of 12 x Guided Relaxations.  Utilising over 25 years of professional experience, Sue Hughgonson (Soogie Hoogie) guides children through the relaxing stories of a self-esteem journey on the ‘Happy Bus’.  Through the power of imagination, children take the 'bus tour' with the Happy Secrets character 'Cog' and at each track (bus stop) pick up some key coping skills and personal development techniques.

Positive Mental Health can be described as our having a sense of feeling well, and confidence in our ability to deal with ‘life challenges’.  Having healthy ‘self-esteem’ and good ‘coping skills’ are essential to help us to achieve this state of ‘well-being’.

If you are able to listen to the CD together with your child/children it will give you a great opportunity to discuss how our character ‘Cog’ could use each skill, and what benefits everyone will receive from mastering them.

Although this CD has been designed for children between the ages of 6 to 11, it can be enjoyed by all ages .............. as we could all benefit from the relaxing visits to the ‘Land of Me and MyLife’!

This CD is also included within the educational resourses used in the 'Happy to be Me' (Self-Esteem) and the 'Happy to be Us' (Social Skills) Programmes.



Track 1  - Wishes (7:32)

Track 2  - Gratitude (8:25)

Track 3  - Questions (9:16)

Track 4  - Mood Leap (9:37)

Track 5  - Good Habit Seeds (9:38)

Track 6  - Kindness (8:45)



Track 1  - Cosy Warm Blankets (7:48)

Track 2  - Calm Breathing (8:38)

Track 3  - Dancing (7:46)

Track 4  - Journey Rules (7:37)

Track 5  - Smile (8:52)

Track 6  - Lifetime Pass (9:28)


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