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A brand new CHRISTMAS version of this ever popular jar of fidget toys. It is great for the home, school or office. It has many different textures, feels and resistance to provide something for every mood and emotion. Ideal for fidgets of all ages, for helping with ideas for homework or in a brainstorming session at work. Textural stimulation works for all ages not just children! Particularly good for ADHD, SEN or Autistic children. The jar is important too! When you have to give them back they can still be seen through the clear jar - ready for next time. All CE Marked and suitable for ages 5+ Contents may vary depending on availability of specific items but usually include: Bendy Character, Soft Play Ball, Mini Spring, Spinning Top, Jacks (3) , Bouncy Putty Tub, Finger Puppets (2), Soft Plush Toy, YoYo, Stretchy Character, Bean Bag, Worry Beads (2) with the screw top jar included (19cm x 10cm x 10cm). We do our best to ensure that the product will contain the specific items shown in the photo's but please note colours and content may vary slightly. Any substitutions will be of equal or greater monetary value. 

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