Happy Acapella Secrets CD - NEW Edition

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12 Feel Good Sing-Along Songs to Motivate and Inspire all ages!

We have produced this 'acapella' (recorded without music) CD so that you can add your own music in your own way.  This makes it suitable for ALL AGES as pre-school children may just want to clap their hands or bang a drum and teenagers may prefer to turn some of the songs into a 'rap'.   Great for parents & educators to use as part of a lesson or as individual track projects.

Discover and memorise the 'positive thinking' lyrics and if you would prefer a pdf of the lyrics, just email us and we will be pleased to email you a copy.

Tracks include:-

1.  Achieving Sayings Round - 0:33

2.  Attichooz - 3:27

3.  Bouncebackability - 1:51

4.  Cog's Name (Part 1) - 1:52

5.  Cog's Name (Part 2) - 1:36

6.  Counting Happy - 1:00

7.  Dotting My i's - 1:34

8.  Here's the Habits - 2:04

9.  HOW2 Be Happy - 2:20

10.  I like Me - 1:05

11.  The Call of Whys  -  1:35

12.  What Colour is My Mood? - 2:46

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