'Choose to Cope' Facilitator Full Resources Box and Training Modules - Anxiety Management

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1 x Full 'Choose to Cope' Anxiety Management Programme Facilitator Resource Box, including 12 module tutorials to implement the programme in your school.  

(Please note this is an 'off-the-shelf' package and DOES NOT include a Facilitator Training Course place.)


This package includes the full resource box and a set of 12 pdf training modules on a CD ROM disc. It is designed to be 'self-trained' in the school environment in and around the facilitator's normal duties. Each module is 3 to 4 pages long and is a concise training guide to all the elements of the programme.  The average study time for each module is 25-30 minutes and can be read as the programme is rolled out to the children (taking each step in bite-sized pieces).


Package Includes:-

Red-Tick   Set of Facilitator Course Notes    
Red-Tick   Facilitator CD ROM disc, including a set of 12 x pdf Training Modules    
Red-Tick   Set of 'continuous' programme resources (can be shared with 2 or more facilitators)    
Red-Tick   Set of 'consumable' programme resources for up to 8 children. (including 'reminders' for children to take home).    
Red-Tick   Resource Storage Box    
Additional Help

This package also includes 12 months of telephone support for any questions, queries or implementation guidance, so if you need any further clarification we are either a telephone call or an email away, and however you choose to contact us the important thing to remember is we are all dedicated to helping you to be the best facilitator you can be. 


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